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Post zecOO electric motorcycle

The Tokyo Motorcycle Show is always a treasure trove of custom bikes. At the most recent show, one of the stars was this extraordinary electric motorcycle, called the zecOO. Designed by Kota Nezu of Znug Design, the zecOO takes a custom aesthetic and applies it to the usually staid world of electric bikes.

This is the zecOO prototype, shot last week at the ancient Chokoji Temple in Sanmu, a couple of hours east of Tokyo. AFG Moto’s Jason Fullington, who helped arrange this shoot, reports that the bike is now being torn down in preparation for small-scale production. He also says that it was “fun, fast and silent” to ride.

The zecOO has a range of between 88 and 136 km (55 to 85 miles), which is pretty good. Top speed is 120 kph (75 mph), which is comfortably more than the 100 kph limit on Japanese highways. Weight is a hefty 245kg, but on the plus side, the bike takes just four to six hours to charge.

The Japanese motorcycling press has been all over this bike like a rash. It’s certainly adventurous, and not just in the styling stakes: just check that front suspension system. The big question now is how many buyers the zecOO will find. It might look like a million dollars, but the projected price is US$70,000—a cool six million yen.

Thanks to Jason Fullington And Anthony Hardie.

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По умолчанию zecOO: Electric Maxi-Scooter из Японии

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По умолчанию

Фотки просто класс , огромное спасибо вам .
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zecoo: electric maxi-scooter из японии

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