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Last season the Warriors trotted out a deadly little small lineup every now and then It featured the Splash Brothers Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes at the forward spots and Draymond Green at center It's a deadly offensive lineup that works defensively because Green is tough and flexible and because Iguodala and Thompson are

studs on that end But mostly it works because it's a deadly offensive lineupMost of the world was introduced to this lineup in the Finals when Steve Kerr leveraged it against the Cavaliers to strong effect In fact the lineup played more minutes in thepostseason than in the regular season And it went really well the unit was + exclusively

against playoff teams mind you buy RuneScape gold inminutesInterim coach Luke Walton is leaning even more on the cheat code lineup this season Throughgames the lineup has playedminutes total And it's performed even better than last season as this chart showsfigure classeimagenoscriptnoscriptfigureThe cheat code lineup is + overminutes That's

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