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По умолчанию Actress Elizabeth Taylor once owned a 30-carat diamond ring,

A few days ago, Ksenia Tsaritsina, a Russian lady, made headlines after putting a 70-carat photo of her diamond ring on her ins.

Ksenia is a 27 year old model, the wife of Russian businessman and billionaire Aleksey Shapovalov. On their fifth wedding anniversary, the husband gave Ksenia a 70-carat diamond ring worth about 62.85 million yuan (7 million pounds).

Ksenia said, custom necklaces "My husband has always been generous to buy personalized necklace gifts to me. He bought me this big diamond ring because he thought the previous 30-carat ring wasn't big enough for me.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor once owned a 30-carat diamond ring, which was so expensive that it sold for $8.8 million (about 60.56 million yuan) in 2011.But Ksenia Tsaritsina's husband said 30 carat was too small for his wife. So he chose to give his wife a 70-carat diamond ring worth 7 million pounds (about 62.85 million yuan).

But netizens were not surprised when they saw the name necklace diamond ring.Some netizens said that Ksenia Tsaritsina looks costume jewelry like a goddess, but she really looks very ordinary, I do not know what the aesthetic is now.Meanwhile, some netizens said that Ksenia Tsaritsina's ring was too big to believe she would bring it to the event.
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