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Post DariztDesign Honda GL100

If Yamaha’s SR series is the mainstay of affordable customization in the Western world, then Honda’s GL series is the Indonesian equivalent. This unusual bobber comes from DariztDesign, described by principal Agus Darizt as “just a little shed—a home garage in Jogja (Yogjakarta), a city on the island of Java.” Agus and his brother Faiz design, fabricate and paint their bikes in-house, and the green GL100 was the second bike they built. “Indonesia has only a limited bike selection,” Agus says, “so I try to create something else, something different.” Indeed: check the custom tube frame and that radical suspension. Agus and Faiz have now built seven bikes in a wide range of styles—including a very tasty Kawasaki KZ200—so check them out on the DariztDesign website. [Or read more about the boys on bikerMetric.]

Bike EXIF supplies a daily dose of cafe racers, custom motorcycles and bobbers. Brought to you by the good guys at Ural Motorcycles.
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