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По умолчанию Denmark North announced they will participate in ESL One

Due to Astralis summer schedule has been filled full, now the world no.1 had to give up the ESL One Cologne game, but it does not affect the game's exciting and highlights. The official has announced that North has become the latest team to be invited to participate in the competition, which is the first Denmark team was invited to participate in the competition. ксго тактики рулеток
North in SLi3 is considered to be the most popular and the most posible team to win the champion but they was eliminated suprisingly in the quarterfinals game HellRaisers, it can be considered a major SLi3. Although North's strength is recognized by the world, but North has been the lack of a trophy to defend their reputation. Presumably the North in ESL One Cologne game is bound to champion a greater impact through a certain heavy trophy to hard seated themselves. ксго рулетки

ESL One will be the most ornamental Cologne on July 7-9 in LANXESS arena for audiences of the CSGO game, and the game total prize pool is as high as $250000, the 16 participating teams have 8 top teams to determine the participation, removal of North American and European qualifiers additional, four teams were invited as the rest of the team will be selected in the three area.

Recently ESL announced the IEM at Sydney time and two invited team information, which is not only the Crown tournament for the first time in 2015 after Australia held a large tournament, Sydney IEM race will be held May 6-7, held at the Qudos Bank stadium, after SK, OpTic and AS, a cowboy team recently ESL officially announced North IEM will also participate in the Danish team Sydney tournament, North team players for the former Digintas team players, their competition in a number of recent performance is relatively good.
ксго рулетки гемблинг
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