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По умолчанию Selection this weekThe poe currency

Selection this weekThe poe currency solution is fewer minutes Don't bench him even Give him the start yank him at the first timeout sit him until deep into the second quarter No more thanminutes in the first half no matter the score Start him out of halftime yank him at the midway point of the quarter No matter the score If the game is close with

six minutes left in regulation and you feel like juggling lit torches put him in Hell put him in with Lou Williams Nick Young D'Angelo Russell and Clarkson in Goya's version of the Warriors' cheat code lineup You only live onceGet Kobe enough minutes to attempt a few Kobe things for the crowd Reserve most backcourt minutes for

Clarkson and Russell And Marcelo Huertas becausehilarious Vines are a form of sustainable energy and the is all about being green Play out the season and move on for realThis is the path Notminutes every night notshots a gameof which are bad not seven threes a night from a dude shooting worse from beyond the arc than Charles

Barkley did over his career Limit buy poe currency Kobe's minutes limit the embarrassment limit the damageThisputting a limit on Kobeis a new concept for the Lakers and Scott but it's the only reasonable solution to prevent this from spiraling fully into farceif we aren't already theresvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill

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