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По умолчанию Just like the other Nike Flyknit Air Max releases

Just like the other Nike zapatillas nike mujer releases, they come built with Flyknit throughout the uppers. In addition to the shades of Orange and Blue, they have Grey as the main shade used. Follow is Black on the?Nike?Swoosh, liner, laces and above the midsole. Other details include a 360 Air Max unit in bright Neon and a translucent outsole.

Looking closer at this Nike zapatillas nike hombre they come dressed in Rough Green, Black, Neutral Olive and Sequoia. As you can see, the uppers are constructed with Flyknit while hues of Olive are spread throughout. Following we have digi-camo across the heel strip while 3M reflective material is spotted. Finishing the look is a White midsole and Black running through the outsole.

Looking closer at this Nike zapatillas nike baratas they come dressed in Blue Tint, Obsidian and White. As you can see, the shades of Blue run through the Flyknit base while Obsidian hits the tongue, laces and liner. Completing the look is White which lands on the Swoosh and through the midsole while Black fills in the outsole.

Looking closer at this Nike zapatillas de futbol nike they feature Pure Platinum, Cool Grey and White color combination. As you can see, the Flyknit upper features shades of Grey which also lands on the liner. In addition we have camouflage across the heel strip done in the various hues of Grey. Finishing the look is White across the midsole and Black on the outsole.
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