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fadeaway jumper over his other shoulderBut as evidenced by those six threes Love also showed off his value as a longrange bomber He knocked down those shots in a variety of ways whether it was off a pickandroll with Matthew DellavedovaOr spotting up in transition on a LeBron James fast breakOr a simple spotup in the corner in

a halfcourt setThis was the full Kevin Love Experience and it was plete with one of his infamous outlet passesLove is averagingpoints andrebounds this season which is up frompoints andboards last season despite playing less than a minute more per game He's takingmore shots per game and his usage rate the percentage of possessions

that end in a shot foul drawn or Buy FIFA 18 Coins turnover is up fromto Love has been more efficient with the increased touches and it's also led to a more powerful Cavaliers offense as a whole Cleveland's offense is currently onetenth of a point higher perpossessionsthan last season and it's been especially devastating with Love out there The Cavaliers

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