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You simply respond to the calls, arrange a daytime meeting to review the color selections and take a 1" steel tape measure so you can get perfect measurements. We have detailed instruction on how to measure and install like a pro on our website. Visit mybeautifulblinds Then, you create a bid sheet from and Excel Template and fax,Fitflop F-Pop Women,article67412, mail or email the details to your prospective customer. When they are ready to proceed,Fitflop Women, have them sign the proposal and deposit 23 of the bill. Collect the final 13 after installation is complete. Collecting 23 generally insures that you have collected the full cost of the product. The rest is your profit. A typical 20 blind home should net about $400 in profit if you or your spouse have the ability to install the blinds. I was fortunate that my husband can install a blind in about 3 minutes so we had plenty of $600 days? after he got home from work.
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