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Back To The Future: custom Honda Nighthawk
Some custom shops like to breathe new life into old motorcycles. Others put a vintage spin on modern machinery.

Tito and Jose of Spain’s Macco Motors have gone for the vintage approach with this CB750, and it works a treat. You’d never guess at first glance, but it’s actually a 2002 Honda—the model better known as the Nighthawk 750, and a machine with less graceful lines than its predecessors.
“We wanted to give the Honda a retro-modern look,” says Jose, “by changing the fuel tank, paint scheme, side panels and backside.”

To sweeten the clunky lines, Macco Motors borrowed a tank from a 1973 CB750 Four. It had to be restored, and then altered to fit the newer 750 frame.
They then re-engineered the rear end of the frame and the area under the seat to be neater, and to be able to accommodate a steel battery box and custom-made seat. The subframe now ends in a sharp point rather than a loop, tracing the outline of the caf?-style perch.

The new battery box not only holds the battery, but also the starter relay and rear brake reservoir, mounted on small brackets. The rest of the electrical bits are hiding under the seat hump.
Wrapping up the bodywork are a pair of hand-made steel number boards, complete with grill-lined vents. The front fender is the original Honda item, shortened.

The CB750’s engine was opened and treated to a new set of gaskets. The carbs were cleaned and the airbox ditched in favour of a set of filters. A pair of megaphone mufflers was adapted to fit the CB’s stock headers, and the whole setup was tuned.
Macco Motors opted to retain the standard suspension—but rebuilt the rear shocks. The wheels are stock too, wrapped in Continental ContiMotion rubber.

To tidy up the cockpit, the standard handlebar mounts were cut off and the top yoke welded up and polished. It’s now equipped with a set of clip ons from Tarozzi, grips and a 5 3/4 ” headlight from LSL, and a small analog speedo. Tiny turn signals and a Mongrel-style tail light—mounted on a custom license plate bracket—have also been fitted.
To finish everything off the frame, engine and tank were painted in a striking black, metal and red color scheme to emphasise the CB750’s sharp new lines.

It’s the perfect addition to Macco Motors’ blend of modern tech and classic style. And—since “Spitfire 09” was a commissioned build—we’re willing to bet Jose and Tito were sad to see it go.

Macco Motors | Facebook | Instagram | Photos by Sergio Ibarra from Semimate.

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